Steps For Bike Ownership Transfer Electronics City Bangalore

This is my experience with the RTO office at Electronics City, Bangalore. I had been there for ownership transfer of a CBZ Extreme 2-wheeler bike that I had recently bought.

Make sure to collect the below documents from the owner.

1. Original Registration Certificate (RC)

2. Valid Insurance Certificate (IC)

3. Road-Tax Certificate (this will usually be on the RC)

4. Pollution under Check Certificate (PUC). Even if this is not available, itโ€™s fine. You can get a new one done for the bike.

5. Completed Form 29 and Form 30. These forms can be downloaded from the RTO site ( or are readily available in most Xerox shops.

6. Other formalities like the Sale Receipt, Delivery Note and Witness Signatures to save you any Legal hassles in future.

Take the below forms to the RTO office under whose jurisdiction your house is.

1. Original RC with Road Tax Input.

2. Original IC

3. Copy of PUC

4. Completed Form 29 (2 Copies) and one copy of Form 30

5. Valid Local Address Proof (If not available, an affidavit for the address proof)

6. It will cost around 250 INR for the new Smart Card Regn. Certificate (Laminated Card)

One fine morning, I reached the RTO office on Hosa Road, Electronics City, Bangalore with the above documents. The place was less crowded and devoid of any proper information (in English) about the step-by-step procedure for the process. Even the RTO site does not have all the needed information on how to go about the process.

So, first I landed at the Cash Counter to pay the charges. He asked me to get the documents verified first. I went to the Non-Transport Superintendent section, where a gentleman was inspecting the documents.

He did a good job, asked me to get Copy of the PUC (I had the original). For address proof, I had brought a certificate from my Employer and copy of Rental Agreement. I had to run to the Xerox shop close-by to get the PUC Copy. Then, he re-inspected them and asked to get signature of Asst. Regional Transport (ART) Officer. There was a queue of around 10 people, but it was moving quickly.

The ART said that the address proofs I had were not valid and asked me to get an Affidavit for the address proof. Also, I had to convince him that the IC was valid by pointing to the specific place mentioning the validity date. The place was slowly getting crowded and I was apprehensive of how much more time will it take. But, had to finish it today! So, went in search of a lawyer. After asking around, found a place close to RTO, (1st Floor in Green Building on 13th Cross). These guys were providing affidavits for different reasons for INR 100. Got the address proof affidavit from them. I am not sure whether anyone in the office was a genuine lawyer.

Went back to the ART who signed the docs this time and asked to make the payment. So, went to the cash counter and he asked me to get the information entered in the system first. Have to go to the 2nd floor for this. But, the lady at work had happily gone out with her co-workers for some tea. Had to wait around for 10 minutes for Miss. Lazy to arrive. Got the information fed in the system. Then, went to the cash counter again.

Now, he asked me to get the information approved by the Superintendent of Non-Transport Vehicles. The lady there was confused as to what was I seeking with her and gave me wrong information which caused me to run to the Miss. Lazy upstairs and the Cash counter again. Then finally she provided the approval by asking someone else to do the job. How comfy!

Once approved, was able to pay the amount at the cash counter. 235 INR. Then, had to submit the documents to the lady at the Help Desk. She asked me to get the documents in a file and tie with a thread. So, much for progress in India!

Had to rush to the Xerox guy to get the file and thread. It was nearing lunch time and I feared the officials will leave soon. Got the file done, and she entered the info in the register. Then she asked for a copy of the RC. Well, this was my mistake. I should have had this. Rushed to the Xerox centre, got the copy and she signed on the copy with the Register Number and handed to me and uttered “The new RC should arrive within 3 weeks”. Yahoo! The relief I felt was ineffable.

Then my wife reminded me about submission of a photo for the file. Went back to the lady at the help desk and gave her a photo. I was surprised, no one at the office asked for a photo!

Overall the above process took around 5 hours. The people at RTO though helpful were themselves confused as to what process to follow for different things. Feel that an online process will reduce the anxiety!

Anyway, best of luck if you want to try a visit yourself!


12 thoughts on “Steps For Bike Ownership Transfer Electronics City Bangalore

  1. Thanks a lot for your guidance. This helped me a lot. I have completed my ownership transfer process in 3-4hours at KR puram RTO by following this instruction. If all documents as per the checklist are ready with address proof you are good to complete the transfer process. Photo is not required. NOC required for other state vehicle

  2. Mr. Mahesh

    You have shared your bitter experience so that we don’t face the same problem.

    So kind of you.

    I have a doubt.
    is form cmv 30 required even if bike is not under any kind of loan(First owner bought by making full payment and not on loan) ??

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